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GMS Advantages


Digital Grain Monitoring System

Broad Applications

  • Effective solutions for operations of all sizes – from individual private farmers to large corporate terminals.


  • Rugged and made of high-quality components, the durability of this ATEX-approved system ensures years of maintenance-free use.

Calibration Free

  • No sensor calibration is needed – ever!

Seamless Integration

  • Works as one with Eagle Eye HMS and NAB Automation Control System, with direct connection capabilities to ethernet A/B control processors.

Lower Installation Costs

  • The innovative, two-wire configuration makes installation much quicker and significantly less expensive than other systems. No bulky, multi-wire cables to handle. A single communication cable connects the system’s digital network to the operator station.

Wireless Solution

  • Connect the system to the operator station via a wireless connection, further reducing installation costs and allowing for remote monitoring of one or multiple locations from a single operator station.