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GMS Systems


Eagle Eye GMS Digital Bin Temperature Monitoring System

Portable Reader System

  • Cost Effectiveness – Perfect solution for smaller applications seeking the reliability of a digital system.
  • Convenience – Portable hand-held unit provides a quick and convenient way to manually monitor bin temperatures.
  • Easy Operation – Simply plug into the bin-mounted connection box and instantly obtain temperature information from each digital sensor.

Digital Control Systems

Operated by the Eagle Eye LT or HD Control Units

Control MULTIPLE bins with a SINGLE controller!

  • Visual Indicators – Provides a clear overview of the conditions inside each bin with full-color graphics and temperature data tables along with individual sensor temperatures.
  • Simplified Trouble Shooting – Intuitive display allows the operator to easily identify and locate potential problems.
  • Real-Time Stats – Obtain instant temperature information with the click of a button.
    Proactive Alerts – Alarm functionality automatically alerts the operator of a temperature increase inside the bin before it becomes a costly problem.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Requires no special training.
  • Fully Automatic Aeration Fan Control – Automates control of bin aeration fans based on user-defined temperature and humidity parameters. Reduces energy and labor costs by precisely controlling the operation of the fans, even while unattended.
  • All-in-One Control Unit – Industrial enclosure with large touch-panel display may be located anywhere in the facility. PLC-based high-performance control platform with integrated PC and I/O for fan controls.
  • PC Control Capabilities – Alternatively control the system with a PC from anywhere in the facility, rather than at the touch-panel controller.
    Remote Viewing – Capable of remote viewing from any PC via the Internet.
  • Alarm Notifications – Sends email or text message notifications to alert the operator about rising temperatures and potential problems developing inside the bin.
  • Trending Records – Accurately logs printable daily temperature information, providing a better picture of what is happening inside the bin over time.