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Contractor Services


For Electrical Contractors and/or End-User Clients


Eagle Eye™ was engineered to be installed and configured by electrical contractors and/or end-user clients. Given our roots as an electrical contractor, Eagle Eye™ was designed with cost-effective and simple installation in mind. Here’s how Eagle Eye™ will save you thousands of dollars in installation costs when compared to other systems on the market:

  • RS-485 Network, daisy-chain configuration allowing up to 31 RS-Units on a single cable (up to 4,000 feet), dramatically reducing wiring and conduit. With the communication expansion module, even less cable can be used.
  • 12 inputs per RS-Unit means less equipment to buy. Monitor multiple pieces of equipment and various inputs with a single RS-Unit.
  • Super-fast scan times and multiple inputs allow speed sensors and plug switches to connect directly to the RS-Unit. No additional hardware required.
  • Sensors don’t require any sealtite. Our stainless steel armored temperature probes are waterproof, rodent-proof, and crush proof.
  • Simple 2-wire non-polarity specific sensor connections. No addresses to search and configure.
  • Headache-free integration capabilities with existing control systems.
  • Easily expandable. Simply add RS-Units and/or sensors as your facility grows. No expensive retro-fits.

Service to Perfection

As part of our Service to Perfection philosophy, you will never be left without support from us.
We offer free 24-hour telephone support with every system. If that’s not enough, we also provide on-site support services, if needed. Any time, anywhere. Guaranteed. That’s piece of mind. That’s Service to Perfection.