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HMS Advantages


Hazard Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance System

System Applications Include, but are not limited to:
Bearing Temperature Monitoring

  • Equipment & Machinery Temperature Monitoring
  • Equipment Speed Monitoring
  • Conveyor Speed and Alignment Detection
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Environmental Quality Monitoring
  • Equipment Run-Time Monitoring and Logging

Ready for Expansion

Feeling growing pains? Eagle Eye™ Hazard Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance System can expand to accommodate up to 64 pieces of equipment utilizing 80 remote sensing (RS) units, each with the ability to monitor 12 points for a total of 960 points. The system’s simple daisy chain configuration with a single cable makes adding components easier than ever – and much less costly.

Fastest in the Industry

From a single Linux-based Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), this amazing system monitors up to 960 points in less than two seconds including speed, temperature, belt alignment, plug switches, gear reducers and more. The speed and reliability of Eagle Eye™ HMS soar above the competition.

Always on Alert

Eagle Eye™ HMS is capable of intelligent sequential equipment shutdown with enhanced interlocking abilities. To minimize facility downtime, Eagle Eye’s Single-Point Override enables a password-secured user to suspend readings from a single point while continuing to monitor all other points on the system. An alarm screen pinpoints the exact location and sends details regarding a stressed point.

Preventive Maintenance

Not only does Eagle Eye™ HMS detect equipment irregularities before they become costly problems, the system automatically records equipment run-times and alerts the operator when scheduled maintenance is due. Printable records are stored within the system and meet OSHA preventive maintenance logging requirements.