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System Components


Rugged. Reliable. Simple.

Eagle Eye HMS System Core Components

The Eagle Eye HMS components were custom-engineered with quality and durability in mind. For temperature sensing applications, our UL-listed stainless-steel temperature sensor assemblies eliminate the need for 80% of sealtite during installation. Rugged NEMA 4 enclosures offer superior protection for the system’s electronic components. Inside and out, Eagle Eye™ is built for years of trouble-free service.

The core components of each system are the Master Controller, RS Unit, Output Module, and Communication Expansion Module. The Eagle Eye HMS is capable of accepting a variety of sensors from multiple manufacturers, to include temperature, water quality, atmospheric conditions, and much more. The sensor kits listed below are manufactured by NAB Automation, Inc.

Master Control
Output Module
Communication Expansion Module
Gear Reducer Sensor Kit
Bearing Sensor Kit
Alignment Sensor Kit
Surface Sensor Kit
Speed Sensor Kit
Plug Switch Kit