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Master Control


Eagle Eye HMS Component

Master Control Display
Daisy Chained Power & Communications
  • The Master Control Unit (MCU) is where the Operator Interface and central processor for the Eagle Eye™ reside, as well as one contact output module.
  • Easy to install and setup using the simple configuration feature. Entering numeric values and descriptive terms allows anyone to configure the system.
  • The MCU is offered in 4 models based on the number of RS-Units and total points monitored:
    Model #: EELT12 (12 RS-Units, 144 points)

    Model #: EEHD24 (24 RS-Units, 288 points)
    Model #: EEHD48 (48 RS-Units, 576 points)
    Model #: EEHD80 (80 RS-Units, 960 points)
  • Eagle Eye™ is capable of direct communication with A/B PLCs via Ethernet communications. The MCU is also able to share the operator interface with other PCs within the facility.
  • Options Include:
    All indictors are to be used as a suffix after the model number of the MCU module.

    R Remote operating terminal connectivity.
    (X) Number of terminals you wish to connect remotely.
    E Email and SMS text notification capability.
    T Point-by-point trending with printable reporting.

    Example: EE12/144–R(2)-T

This is the model number for an Eagle Eye MCU with a maximum of 12 Nodes/144 points with two remote terminals and trending.