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Eagle Eye WMS

Eagle Eye WMS

Digital Water Quality Monitoring System

Lower your Operational Costs while increasing Peace of Mind.

The Eagle Eye WMS is designed to provide real-time water quality information for use in aquaculture, water treatment, and specialized water storage applications.

Standard monitoring parameters include pH, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Turbidity, and Temperature.

Here’s how it works (sample shown is a fish hatchery):

Each sensor is connected to a RS Unit (up to 12 sensors per RS Unit). RS Units may be daisy-chained together, resulting in a line of units all communicating on a single network line. The RS Unit (or chain of RS Units) communicates with the Eagle Eye controller on the same single network line. The result: A high-performance digital network-based monitoring system that can operate an entire facility with multiple sensor types and locations on a single controller.

Key features of the Eagle Eye WMS:

  • Accepts a Variety of Sensors
    • The Eagle Eye WMS is equipped with high-quality industrial sensors as a standard feature. However, if you already have sensors at your facility (or are purchasing different sensors), that is not a problem with the Eagle Eye WMS. The unmatched versatility of the Eagle Eye WMS allows sensors of all sizes and types (standard 4-20mA signal) to be connected directly to the RS Unit and read by the system.
  • Control Capabilities
    • You know your water parameters are out of your desired range. Now what? Well, the Eagle Eye WMS is capable of controlling equipment, such as valves and pumps, to automatically return your water conditions to a desired condition. Have peace of mind knowing the Eagle Eye WMS is watching over your investment, even when you’re not there.
  • Reduced Installation Time & Costs
    • The Eagle Eye WMS is remarkably simple to install. By utilizing the latest in digital networking technology, the WMS can significantly reduce installation time and costs by consolidating the connection points via the RS Units. No more running expensive conduit from each sensor back to each controller. Connect up to 12 sensors to each RS Unit, with a single network cable connecting all of the RS Units together.
  • Mobile Monitoring
    • The Eagle Eye WMS is capable of sending email and text message alerts any time the a water quality problem is detected. Additionally, operators can view the control screen from any networked PC.

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