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Custom Automation and Control Services from NAB Automation, Inc.

Engineering Solutions

As an electrical engineering company, we are able to provide comprensive solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. We can design our systems and products from scratch with flexibility in mind, which allows our skilled team of engineers the ability to address individual facility concerns while maximizing system functionality and quality.

For customers with control systems/automation needs, we are able to provide a wide variety of services, from concept-to-completion design, programming, and installation, to existing-system maintenance, expansion, and upgrades.

Our unique abilities to custom-build solutions aren’t limited to full control systems. We also custom-design and manufacturer a variety of electronic control boards to provide solutions for often unique problems and applications. Take, for instance, our Gate Actuator Controller. When a customer wanted to digitally control a series of electrical gate actuators, we went to work on a solution. From scratch, we engineered and manufactured an electronic control board that allowed hundreds of actuators to be controlled on a single digital network, saving the customer thousands of dollars in equipment and labor costs, while providing the solution they desired.

From full-facility control systems to individual solutions, we can deliver.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.